If you want to learn a new language learn Spanish ! It is the second most widely spoken language in the world, so it could be difficult to chose which hispanic country to go to, to study it.

Try Tenerife : a Spanish island near Africa where it’s sunny and warm 365 days ayear.

Join us to learn a new language !

Courses are given exclusively in Spanish to guarantee you the linguistic and cultural immersion from the very first day. It allows you to get familiar with the Spanish language of today. You will quickly become autonomous.

We work on authentic documents or situations close to reality. Classes are interactive and creative, using modern teaching methods.We have different levels from basic Spanish to advanced Spanish.

Conversational Spanish: During class, the priority is conversation, we also work on the pronunciation and the oral understanding, according to your needs.

Writing: at home you will strengthen what you have learnt orally, with written exercises, revising the vocabulary and the grammatical structures seen in class. It is the best way to learn Spanish.

Hesperia Language School offers you a wide range of Spanish courses and formulas:

Intensive 15 : 159€/week.
Intensive 10 : 110€ week.
8 students max
Contact us to check availabilities.

Perfect fit for making maximum progress in a short time. We recommend this formula for people wanting accelerated learning, to feel comfortable with written and spoken Spanish quickly. The objective is allow you to communicate effectively in daily life… And still have enough time to enjoy the beautiful island. More information about Intensive Spanish 10 

3h or 2h per week. Many schedules.
From 70€ per month
8 student max

The Standard course is recommended for people who live or want to spend a long time in Tenerife. It allows you to study Spanish while working, enjoying the island, etc. More information about resident course

Many schedules possible, according to your needs.
From 20€ per hour*
 1 student max

*From 22€/h fron October 2019.

This course means a dedicated teacher just for you. It is aimed at people with specific personal needs. We will set up a tailor-made programme according to your needs and goals. The content of the course will be adapted according to your progression More information about individual Spanish course

Many schedules possible, according to your needs.
From 12,50€* per hour
2 students maximum

*From 14€/h from October 2019.
Semi-individual courses are very effective if you are seeking immediate results in a short period of time, but also practising Spanish language in front of other people. These classes are adaptable to the student’s needs and interests and can have a theme (business, art, etc.). More information about semi-individual Spanish course

Many schedules possible according to your needs.
Contact our school.
One-to-one & group.
The Exam training course aims to prepare you for an official language examination such as ELE. It aims to increase your chances of success in internationally recognised Spanish exams. This course focuses on intensive strengthening of vocabulary and has sessions focusing on exam technique. More information about exam training course
For schedule, contact our school.
Contact our school.
8 students max.
Conversation courses give students the opportunity to further develop oral fluency. They cover themes such as typical day-to-day situations, culture like cinema or music, current news, literature. More information about our Spanish conversation course.

subscription fees: 25€ and quotation on request.
Specific courses are aimed at people with specific professional needs such as teacher training. Contact us for more details.

+ Subscription fees : 15€

Hesperia Language school class room


Hesperia Language School : Paseo Atlántico 23, 38612 – El Médano, Santa Cruz de Tenerife