Escape from the daily routine with Hesperia

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Sometimes, we need to escape from our daily routine and make our social and professional life more exciting. Traveling is a good solution and learning a new language is even more efficient.

Why don’t you do both ? Going on a trip to Tenerife and learn Spanish ?


Tenerife is a small Spanish Island not far from UK. The Island enjoys a glorious sunshine all year long. It’s spring and summer at all time.

Hesperia Language School is located in EL Médano, a small coastal village in the South.There you could surf, kite-surf, hike or just relax on the beautiful beach. The school offers a wide range a Spanish course to fit your needs : Intensive Spanish course or Individual ones. Intensive Spanish or Individual course will guaranty you to improve your level fast while having the time to enjoy Tenerife activities.


Many airlines company has line from UK to Tenerife :

If you are looking for good deals, I invite you to visit Holiday Pirates and Last Minute. You may be able to find last minutes deals (flight, hotel). Makes the adventure even more exciting !