Hesperia’s teaching methods – el imperativo

If you want to learn Spanish, you have an excellent idea. It is the second most widely spoken language in the world, so it could be difficult to chose which hispanic country to go to, to study it.

If you have read the informations about our school, you might already know that our native Spanish teachers are highly qualified and specialised in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  Their long experience and relationship skills, along with our method, is a guarantee of a friendly and studious atmosphere.

If you want to get an example about our teaching methods, you might like this one.

As you might know, the imperative mode mode to expresses an order, request or prohibition.  In Spanish, there are two types of imperative: affirmative (afirmativo) and negative (negativo). If the « imperativo afirmativo » is quiet easy to master, the « imperativo negativo » one is derived from the subjonctive mode and can be a little bit tricky.

To practice the « Imperativo« in our long-term Spanish course, our students made a dessert together. The had to give each other instructions about how to make the dessert. They used the « imperativo negativo » and the « imperativo afirmativo« . One of the best part was to eat it all together


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