The beach, restaurants, cafés and shops. Hesperia Language School is set in a new building on a quiet pedestrian street.

The Canaries are small Spanish islands near Africa´s west coast. It only takes a few hours from Europeans capitals to get to Tenerife, one of the main islands. It is a perfect place to learn Spanish and discover Spanish culture.

El Médano is one of the most attractive beach townse in Tenerife. Canarian and Spanish culture mix in a laid back and cosmopolitan setting.

As we enjoy glorious sunshine all year long, sports are abundant including surfing, scuba, cycling, canyoning and El Médano is known for being one of the best kite surfing spots in the world.

This idyllic place also has the longest beach in Tenerife with blue flag accreditation.

This peaceful coastal place is 15 minutes from Tenerife South Airport and is on the glittering Atlantic Ocean facing the spectacular Montaña Roja.

Choose to learn Spanish in El Médano and enjoy the culture, traditions and beauty of the landscape in this Canarian Paradise – we promise you an enlightening and rewarding experience.

El Médano blue flag

El medano puertito


Playa El medano



zumo El Medano-1

If you subscribe for an intensive or long-term course and have no accommodation, we can arrange this for you, finding the option that meets your preferences (hôtel, apartment or shared flat.)

If you prefer to arrange accommodation yourself, El Médano has a wide range of hotels, apartments and backpacker hostels.



How to get there:

Many aircraft companies offer flights from and to Tenerife.


You can find the aircraft companies on Tenerife South Airport’s and Tenerife North Airport’s websites.




Hesperia Language School : Paseo Atlantico, 23, 38612 El Médano, Santa Cruz de Tenerife