Students at hesperia Megan Crosson

Hesperia Language School is a small school. Nevertheless, it’s full of interesting people who are studying Spanish in the sunny village of El Médano. Today we are interviewing Megan who is a long-term Spanish student and she is also a star as a professional football player !

Tell us more about yourself

Hi! My name is Megan Crosson. I am 23 years old and I am from the United States. I am a professional soccer player.

What drove you to Tenerife ? 

I was given the opportunity to play for UDG Tenerife, a professional team in the Spanish La Liga.

Why do you study Spanish ? 

I study Spanish in order to communicate here in Tenerife, with my soccer team, and with people on a daily basis. Spanish will also be useful for me when I go back home to California, where many people are Spanish speakers.

What about your course in Hesperia Language Scool ?

I am so lucky to have such a great teacher, Carmen, at Hesperia Language School. She is so patient and helpful with my specific needs as a student. She creates a comfortable environment, giving the class confidence when speaking the language.

Any advice to learn spanish quickly ?

To learn Spanish quickly, I recommend challenging yourself to only speak Spanish, and refrain from speaking your native language at home or with friends. This will force you to focus on your spanish progress.

What is are favourite spots in Tenerife ?

Some of my favorite spots in Tenerife are Montana Amarillo,  Playa Duque, and Los Gigantes.

Your best memory here ? 

My favorite memories are Sunday’s in our soccer stadium. Our Canarian fans have so much pride for this island and our team, and it is such a unique energy to be a part of.


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