Students at Hesperia – Maria Selivanova

    Hesperia Language School is a small school. Nevertheless, it’s full of interesting people who are studying Spanish in the sunny village of El Médano. Today we are interviewing Maria who is a long-term Spanish student on one of our … Lire la suite­­

Restaurant practice

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This is a sample of A1 Conversation course exercices. First, the students had to design a menu with typical dishes (of their own country). Then, they acted as if they actually were at the restaurant (ordering, asking the description of … Lire la suite­­

Speech about Galileo by John Beckman

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Hesperia Language School is honored to host John Beckman, Research Professor at (CSIC) and of the Astrophysics Department of the University of La Laguna. John Beckman, will introduce us to Galileo one of the greatest physicist of XVII century. The … Lire la suite­­

Escape from the daily routine with Hesperia

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Sometimes, we need to escape from our daily routine and make our social and professional life more exciting. Traveling is a good solution and learning a new language is even more efficient. Why don’t you do both ? Going on … Lire la suite­­