What to do in Tenerife

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During your stay with Hesperia Language School you will have plenty of free time to venture in Tenerife. We will give you a glimpse of what you can do. Discovering Tenerife and trying new sports and activities is also the ideal opportunity to improve your Spanish skills, learning on the ground.


Kitesurfing and windsurfing in El Médano

Pixabay – quepasasi


The El Médano area affords kitesurfers 300 days of wind a year and the water temperature is always mild. The area hosts national and international competitions. El Médano is also a great place for beginners thank to his sandy bottom. The rescue service makes kitesurfing even safer on this spot. You can go kitesurfing here al year round.

Where to go : plenty of Kitesurf and windsurf schools.




Scuba diving in Tenerife

What Next Adventures


Maybe you already know this : under the waves is a wonder in Tenerife. There is no need to go really deep to have stunning views and be surrounded by sting rays and other beautiful fishes.

Tenerife is also the destination where scuba diving is the cheapest in Europe. If you are beginner, it’s definitely the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

Where to go : plenty of suba centers in Tenerife or What Next Adventures (dive instructors, travellers, trekkers and good plans scouts).



Paragliding in Tenerife

Photo by ieva swanson on Unsplash


Tenerife is a stunning place and it’s easy to realise this once you are up, flying in the sky and feeling fresh air on your face. In most cases, you land on the beach, after a fly of 15 – 20 minutes.

Where to go : There are many paragliding companies in Tenerife.


Whales and dolphins watching in Tenerife


Tenerife is one of the few places in the world where pilot whales and dolphins can be watched all year round. Many boats take you to observe them. You can choose large catamarans that have a capacity of 100 people or smaller boats offering more privileged visits. Atlantic Eco Experience is off the beaten track by offering outings supervised by a biologist. You can even listen to the whales singing because the boat is equipped with hydrophone.

The tours show total respect for the environment and the animals both in the open sea and in bathing areas close to the coast. Price : from 45€ Atlantic Eco Expérience –  +34 638 770 306



Plenty of Spanish courses to learn Spanish and enjoy Tenerife treasures

Intensive Spanish 10 and 15 : Perfect fit for making maximum progress in a short time. We recommend this formula for people wanting accelerated learning, to feel comfortable with written and spoken Spanish quickly.

Long-term Spanish course : recommended for people who live or want to spend a long time in Tenerife. It allows you to study Spanish while working, enjoying the island, etc.

Individual Spanish course : This course means a dedicated teacher just for you. It is aimed at people with specific personal needs. We will set up a tailor-made programme according to your needs and goals.

Semi-individual Spanish course : For a mini group of two student for one teacher. Semi-individual courses are very effective if you are seeking immediate results in a short period of time, but also practising Spanish language in front of other people.

Conversation Spasnih course : Conversation courses give students the opportunity to further develop oral fluency. They cover themes such as typical day-to-day situations, culture like cinema or music, current news, literature

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